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Exploring The Butterfly Conservatory at Frederik Meijer Gardens

By April 12, 2017Adventures

This winter has appeared extra long even though we’ve been teased with Spring the past few weeks. Perhaps it is because it also snowed last Thursday, however I have been experiencing the winter blues. I am so ready to come out of hibernation and start sharing adventures with you again. I hope you are ready too!

_DSC0743This past weekend the forecast was lovely and it turned out to be beautiful so we packed up the camera & headed out to Frederik Meijer Gardens. We explored the gardens a couple years ago when my Dad was in town visiting and enjoyed the day which you can read about here. The Lena Meijer Conservatory, however no longer had butterflies that season so we always wanted to come back.

_DSC0757This year, I planned & learned the conservatory only features the Fred & Dorothy Butterflies Are Blooming Exhibit March 1st through April 30th so I knew we had a small window for the trip.  It was actually quite busy at Frederik Meijer Gardens and we waited in a long line to enter. The line moved at a fair pace and we enjoyed the fresh Spring air while we waited. Adult tickets to enter the gardens are $14.50 which includes all features offered.

_DSC0752The conservatory is a a balmy 85 degrees with 70% humidity so you will want to avoid a coat.

_DSC0739The building itself is 5 stories with thousands of butterflies roaming freely, filled with tropical plants that attract the butterflies which feels like you are walking into another world when you enter.

_DSC0767There are fifty different types of butterflies featured with beautiful colors and patterns. The word kaleidoscope means “constantly changing patterns” and I learned that a group of butterflies is actually called a kaleidoscope.

_DSC0774The conservatory offers butterflies & moths with orgins from Asia, Africa and Central/South America. Brushfoots, Longwings and Swallowtails all may be discovered here.

_DSC0779One of my favorites to view was the Common Morpho (Morpho peleides) which is a beautiful bright blue butterfly with black accents. _DSC0747You are not allowed to touch the butterflies, however you may be lucky and have one or more land on you while adventuring here. There are also beautiful colored birds in the conservatory and many tropical plants to admire. We enjoyed walking around in the warm climate and just being one with nature.


After the conservatory, we walked around the Japanese Gardens and checked out the gift shop before heading home. I found a pretty blue floral scarf that is lightweight for the Spring transitional weather so I had to bring it home.

_DSC0782Visiting the butterfly exhibit & strolling the conservatory is a perfect thing to do to shake off winter in the Mitten!



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